Our company is located in heart of the Ararat valley, on one of the richest and fertile lands of Armenia. One of our main priorities - quality of our production. We are sure that only from selected fruit we can receive a qualitative product. Therefore we not only carefully select fruit, but also we trace gardens in the course of their maturing.

The main mission of our company is development of traditional methods of production of useful dried fruits and also creation of new jobs and increase in employment rate in rural areas.

All production is made from the fruit and vegetables which are grown up in organic territories of the Ararat valley. Selected fruit carefully dry in a natural environment, by means of wind and the sun.

Thanks to unique climatic conditions of the Ararat valley and careful drying, our production possesses really unique qualitative and flavoring characteristics.

Production takes 5-6 days, then fruit wash carefully and stored at a temperature of +2 + 6C.

Use of preservatives in the course of production is minimized.

Mainly fruit dry without processing by E220 preservative, but in certain cases its application is necessary for safety of foodstuff.

The dried fruits which are dried up without use of preservatives are signed as BIO.